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I’m 7 and shot my first buck
My dad has been teaching me to shoot. in 2016 he said if we found a buck that we could get everything set up on then i could pull the trigger. we went out one night looking for deer and my dad spotted a buck going into a field. we walked down to a ditch so we could get the shooting sticks up and wait for the deer to get to us. once we saw him my dad got everything ready and told me to come stand in front of him while we was looking through the scope. i could see the deer getting closer my dad said to reach over and find his hand to find where the trigger was. once he got my hand ready he said wait for him to tell me when. my dad took the safety off and said ok. as soon as he said that i shot. Dad said i jerked the trigger really hard. i was excited i guess. My mom and little sister were watching from the road and i heard her yell YOU GOT IT! I saw it fall but dad said we missed because i jerked the trigger. he yelled back to mom are you sure? she said He is down! I did jerk the trigger and shot the deer in the head knocking both horns off. we found one that night that i am holding and got the other the next day. it was a 2×3 i can’t wait to go hunting again!


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